Invilla specialises in investment and development projects. With the right tools we can provide accurate siting and massings, feasibility studies and townplanning reviews for a wide range of projects.

Whether you’re seeking guidance and support for your first development or you’re an experienced developer, Invilla can assist with seeking quotes and managing you’re consultants, pushing you’re project from concept to development approval (DA) and working drawings for building approval (BA).

Let us assist with finding a development site, unlocking the investment and development potential of your current (or future) property, before you’ve spent a cent on land or building works.

First Time developer?

We help with:

  • Understanding the Process
  • DA & BA Consultant selection & management
  • Design, Styling & Marketing
  • Getting the biggest gain from your site

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Site Finding

We constantly search through the real estate classifieds looking for sites that may suit a development, not just to keep up with current prices and trends, but also to assist with our existing clients next project.

We also use buyer’s agents and real estate agents to help cast a wider net, especially with off-market sites. We’re always on the look for development sites and can easily spot potential where others would not.

This is due to our extensive townplanning knowledge and our contacts with registered townplanners.

Feasability Review

Consists of 3 main areas:

  1. Town Planning,
  2. Site analysis and
  3. Massing’s

Town planning

Townplanning review is the first step to our feasibility study.

Local knowledge of the planning scheme is key to knowing what will and won’t stack before spending time analyzing a site.

We will also get feedback from qualified townplanners on promising sites to further it’s potential.

Site Analysis

Site Analysis is a more ‘in-depth look’ into the site and picks up more criteria for a successful development compared to a quick town planning review.

These include:

  • Review site conditions
  • Flood zones
  • Nearby amenities such as transport, shops and schools
  • Height restrictions
  • Heritage overlays
  • Surrounding amenities


Massing’s are done once the townplanning and site analysis (as well as your own financial returns for the development) has ticked enough boxes to qualify further investigation.

A series of rough blocks are laid over the site to see how much building will fit considering all the limitations of the planning scheme.

These include:

  • Building set-backs
  • Quantify the possible number of townhouses, bedrooms etc.
  • Site access
  • Parking
  • Landscaping
  • QDC requirements
  • Zoning etc.

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